The life of the party

After months of not going, Monday, I went to prayer at church. It was so good to be back. It wasn’t a spectacular looking crowd and there was no live music. Sounds dull, right ? WRONG. The Lord was there, and when it comes right down to it, he is the only thing, the only one ,that can make things happen. He is THE LIFE OF THE PARTY. Wherever he is,  thats where I want to be.

              A group of women prayed together. It was simple and heartfelt and oh, how I needed it. As it turns out there have been promises made, and words spoken to these women, myself included. Promises that have yet to be realized, and we let the Lord know that we were willing ,and that we were listening. We offered ourselves up as a sacrifice of worship, no matter what that might look like in each of us. The simple can be powerful.A heart can be changed. One man can be THE LIFE OF THE PARTY. And he was.

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