ideas for valentines day in a broken economy

One year at Valentines day we were broke, really broke, but Thomas used his creativity to come up with something great for me ! So, if you haven’t done anything for your lover yet(shame shame), maybe you could do this.

                  Thomas wrote 15 reasons why he loved me on tiny slips of paper, rolled them up and took them to bi-lo. He asked the ladies doing balloons to place these little slips of paper inside the balloons before blowing them up.

                          Well, first of all the bi-lo ladies fell in love with him! He brought me that bouquet of balloons, and I thought “ok….great”, but then he gave me a pin and said, “you have to pop each one”. I could not believe that he had taken the time to do that. Its one of my favorite memories.

 Other inexpensive ideas….roper mtn(planetarium)

make dinner together(without the kids)

        write a song(and perform it, no matter how bad you might be)

For those of you (men) who do not acknowledge valentines day….don’t think of it as a commercial, corny hallmark kind of holiday. Look at it as a chance to show the person you share your life with how much you love them. ok….I am done. My love language is gifts, can you tell ?

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