Would you ??

If you had the opprotunity to have a sit down, cry it out, work it out, chat with GOD…would you ? The thought of revisiting some of the choices from my past and having God, my father, put his 2 cents in, is terrifying to me. But why ? I know he loves me, I know he forgives me, I know he already knows every one of my transgressions. I guess the idea that he has hidden his face, and turned his back on my iniquities…makes me not want to remind him of those things all over again. Here’s the rub….I, me (not him), need to be reminded. And I need to be guided…some of those things are still growing in me every day, and I am still reaping the pain that they bring. I don’t walk in the fullness of my identity, not because Abba hasn’t forgiven me, but because I haven’t forgiven me.

 SOZO??? Is that how you spell it ? HERE I COME.

               barely hanging on…human flesh and dry bones

                 raise the dead in me…call me free

               call me yours, call me free…raise the dead in me, call me free

               thought I was alone, but you breathed life into me.

                I was the only one who could not see the YOU in me, my  true identity…and i am free. Whom the son sets free is free indeed !

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