Feeling ALMOST better. The kids are at school ,even Isaiah! So, that is a good thing. It was a long, lazy weekend. I think I stayed on the couch for most of it, the funny thing is…I’m not sure that I prayed one single time.You know why ?? Because, I was at home, so were my kids, all was well….and I forgot my beloved. Mostly because I didn’t really need him. Painful to think about. I owe him an apology.

                  Good thing is, he is always there waiting. Waiting for me to look his way.

                      I say good morning to the unknown

                       and I fall wih every other step

                      but you’re faithful you’ve shown

   and I’ll trust you ….again today

    and I’ll call you….again today

   and I’ll love you….again today

     and I’ll worship….again today

         and I’ll be here until I hear you say “well done, my sister, my bride!”


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