moving forward

Its hard to write that Isaiah did not want to go to school today, he fought and cried. Thomas took him in and stayed there in a tiny chair all day. WOW. Wish somebody loved me like that. Oh yeah…they do…ABBA. He requires my respect, and obedience, but when I let him down he loves me still. He loves me still, he loves me soft, he loves me strong.

                            Thomas did that for Isaiah today. We still took his toys away for his behavior, but we will never turn our backs, or our faces for that matter. We will walk out in front of him,LOVE, RESPECT, and, OBEDIENCE. And hope he follows our example.

                         Thank you to my prayer warriors, don’t give up, I’m not. We have gained ground.The enemy hates when families pray and worship and heal together. We are growing BECAUSE of this adversity. We are stronger because of our faith. love to you all.

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