isabelle!! beautiful dreamer, trying to find a way to bring heaven and earth together ! Would also like to know how to turn high school musical into something spiritual so that I would let her watch it 24 hours a day !this is truly worth a thousand words !! Refeshed, redeemed, restored, rescued, revived !! It was a celebration, I was happy that pastor steve, who has seen the kids born and watched them grow, was the one to lead them into the next leg of their faith walk with the LORD !!my husband and the ram’s horn. WOW. It smelled really bad, but the sound of it is something I expect to hear in heaven. It shakes things loose, rearranges my way of thinking in a way….when I hear it, my mind and heart on focused on the Lord. can’t explain it. Isaiah- so tender that he breaks my heart, and so tough, that sometimes I can’t break through. He is a scavenger, and right now he is looking for the LORD and any information about him. He is so open right now, the Lord is realy speaking to him, all the time.

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