weary and discouraged(for nikki)

I know how you feel. I write about God on this blog all the time, I am basically preaching to myself. I am going to say that I love him and that I trust him. I am going to say it until I believe it. You do the same.

             So many women that I know struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed, or underappreciated, or just plain lonely. I am one of them. THIS IS AN ATTACK ! The enemy despises women. We bring forth life. He can never do that. That is not something that he can counterfeit. Are you hearing me ? There is a target on our back. We represent beauty, and love and the feminine side of Papa’s personality. God even refers to the body of christ as THE BRIDE !! I am not a feminist, but I am a realist. I have recognized that I am in the battle of my life, and I can choose to engage and fight, or I can run and pretend that everything is fine.

                           I encourage you to stop letting the enemy tell you lies about yourself. I, for one am tired of listening.

                          Your heart is a garden for you and the holy spirit, spend some time pruning and planting. Write a story….your grace story, a love story, or a love song…to the bridegroom. He really is coming.

 ps. nikki- I think you are one of the strongest women I know. Everyone needs a day to themselves here and there. Quiet time is good. I envy the way you mother your girls and I am so happy to know you.love

One thought on “weary and discouraged(for nikki)

  1. Ang – thanks for being so encouraging! The admiration goes both ways – I have always looked up to you in every way. Your marriage, your kids, your love for the Lord – everything! I love you and I love that God put you in my life! I think you are right about the heart being a garden for the holy spirit. I think it would be helpful to write a story to the bridegroom. I know he is coming for me one day and I want to be ready to meet him face to face! love ya.

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