theres no place like home

we are home from the beach. ahhhh. I know it sounds crazy, but we are happy to be back. Our kids are at the age where they can body surf and jump waves all day long, we all need a rest from our vacation.It was nice, Isaiah caught his first fish ! Thomas told him that ,for luck, fishermen kiss their catch. So, naturally Isaiah kissed his fish right on the lips !! very exciting stuff.

                     I want to give a shout out to Isabelle my 8 year old. She sees me writing all the time, and I believe she too, has been bitten by the bug. So today, instead of my stuff, here is hers. (just the way it was given to me)


                         you pertect me….so

                        we praise you, we dance for you

                        we sing for you, we jump for you

                      we twirl for you

                            we pray to you, we listen to you

                     we are happy when your there

                    we are never are afraid when your with us……..isabelle wirthlin

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