I am anticipating a lovely weekend with my family.No school or work on monday, oh happy day ! I love the feeling I get when I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. I might have some friends over, but even that will be relaxed and sweet.

                                God is restoring friendship in our lives, slowly and gently….it feels good. This week has been a learning week for me. Several lessons. Faith, when the situation seems hopeless. Courage, when you should be scared to death and friendship….unwaivering, constant, careful, christ-like, joy filled, strong, giving, and touching.

                    It was good to see that kind of friendship. When trials and snares come my way…I know who I am calling. There is a group of women at crossroads (you know who you are) that are WORKING IT OUT !! This kingdom life, I mean. I am glad I know you and have you on my side.

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