Isabelle’s mothers day program

Whenever I go to a program at school, I sit there quietly among the other mothers feeling shy and inadequate.UNTIL….my child comes into the room, in this case,Isabelle. And then I become animated. Its almost as if I am saying “that one is mine, isnt she great ? Here I am, the mom of the best, cutest, smartest, most likely to succeed child !” My kids have the ability to bring that out in me. I take credit for their goodness, who am I kidding, their greatness. The funny thing is….Isabelle is thinking the same thing about me ! She thinks I am the smartest, coolest, prettiest mom there, and she can’t wait to introduce me to her friends.

             Its a great relationship that we have, both of us infatuated with each other.

God says” its that way for me too angie, your enthusiasm for me is returned and even more. so come angie, come like you promise you will .” (no kidding, he just said that !)

One thought on “Isabelle’s mothers day program

  1. You are such a good mom! I know that the Lord is beaming with pride because of the way YOU love and care for the kids He chose for you!

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