aha !

i know why we have kids. it is simply to learn the fathers heart. isaiah has lost his 2 bottom front teeth, and i am pleased as punch ! i love the way he talks sort of funny with no teeth there. and i love the way he looks, and i love how proud he is of the gaping hole where his 2 tiny baby teeth used to be. I feel love every time i look at him.

                   i cringe each time i look at sidney, i see the little girl i knew slipping away. gone are the hairbows and white sandals. my heart sinks each time i realize she has gotten a grown up joke that used to go right over her head. i am scared to death when she talks about the girl in her class that is pregnant at 15.

                                God delights in each little step of growth I make. each time i recieve a word from him, every day that i remember my purpose in him. he loves how proud i am of my baby teeth falling out, because now i can chew on so much more.

                                    and Abba watched me at times, walk away from his plan for me. he noticed that i embraced the knowledge of good and evil, and used it to my advantage. i put so many other loves before him. and through it all he did not look away, he was with me, loving me, holding me,protecting me.

                               And so….I know why we have kids, it was the only way some of us stubborn people could get the real picture of how god loves us, how his spirit grieves for us, and how he never gives up on us. if you are a parent, you know what i mean.

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