I rarely have dreams that I can remember , so when I do…I really pay attention. Two nights ago I dreamed I was riding a horse. This is weird. I have never dreamed about a horse before. I was riding the horse and I was scared. We galloped, the wind blew my hair , I held on for dear life. There was no saddle, no reins. I was holding onto the horse’s mane. When we stopped, I carressed the horses mane, thanking him for keeping me safe. He turned his huge head back toward me and nuzzled me as if to say ” I love you, of course you are safe “.

                  So I have had 2 days to think about it, here is what I know….prophetically speaking, horses represent war and power.Just for fun, here is my interpretation. I am heading into a place of great warfar, but also power. I am terrified and feel a little out of control. But with out cause, you see Jesus is carrying me, he loves me and keeps me, he leads me beside still waters. It is his battle.

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