new…for Sidney

                           She’s got an innocent face, it never shows a trace  of whats hidden behind blue eyes….her brokeness, her lonely crimes.

                    In her heart, she knows, she can’t go on this way, she won’t last another day

             with out His love. And so she reaches out……

                        His love, his sweet ,sweet love, his touch, his arms to hold her

                      the truth that unfolds her.

        She lays down at his feet, he never scolds her, finally she HEARS what  he’s told her

         how he makes her spirit new , every day her spirits new.

             His love, his sweet ,sweet love

              His touch, his arms holding, his truth is unfolding

And we sing….Let the broken be mended

                      let the darkness see the light

                      let the broken be mended

                      with the love of Jesus Christ….the love of Christ

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