we are family….I got all my sisters with me

I went to a book study today, I know, weird for me. It was good. The Lord’s voice was louder than the enemy’s in my ear. He told me what we all had in common. We were there to know him more. We were there out of discontentment for what this world has to offer. We were there to feel loved and to give love. We were there to see what the other women were wearing !

                                      Seriously, I vowed to ENGAGE in this study, to open myself up to these women and to the Lord’s leading. I will let you know how it goes.

                             On a different subject….I am dancing with the dance group at church. It is so far out of my comfort zone…..BUT, I had a revelation about it. It is my alabaster jar. I will pour it out on HIM, I am willing to spend it all. Because of the lack of skill, I have to work that much harder, it is the sacrifice of praise.  So sorry dance team….I will do my best.

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