I think its fair to say that Jesus did some unreasonable things during his ministry. He went against the grain. I might be called to do something unreasonable myself, and I am wondering about you…..How far would you go to find the truth ? Would you do something that everyone around you would call unreasonable, just because Jesus said so ? I am interested in hearing from you, I want to know the most unreasonable thing the Lord has ever asked you to do ,and most importantly…..did you do it ??

2 thoughts on “unreasonable

  1. The most unreasonable….I suppose that would be when Jeremieh and I left our hometown in Michigan to make a new home in a state we knew nearly nothing about. The Lord was leading us here, but we left great jobs, all of our family and friends and everything we had ever known. Talk about scary! The Lord has blessed us so in this obedience! I have never been happier, more at peace, and convinced He shows up just when we need Him! He truly knows what is best for us and I will praise His name for that!

  2. The most unreasonable thing that God has asked me to do is to go back to church. I walked away last year, sure that I was in God’s will to do so … and even today, I am sure that I was in God’s will then. But, in that walking away, I was equally as sure that I would not return. I was done with the church game. Maybe in many ways I still am.

    But, God started stirring in my heart and moved me to begin to forgive and is walking me through restoration. In my season away, God changed me and I knew that we would go back into a much different type of church. That’s is just one of the reasons we are at Advent United Methodist now.

    There are several other things I want God to restore but God hasn’t. It doesn’t mean He won’t but so far, the answer is no. I think that is unreasonable but that is where I am at for now.

    The forgiveness part is easier said than done. Even though I have moved far from the pain I was immersed in last year, the wounds are still fresh, I think. I have found it difficult to be at Crossroads. I have tried several times but it was a backdrop for some of the darkest times of my life and being there rips open the wounds and begins a fresh round of pain and bleeding. That bothers me as I do seek to forgive but i am only human and all I can do is keep pressing into the God’s presence.

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