Do I love coffee ? OR, do I love wrapping my hands around a warm cup and sipping slowly until I am awake and aware enough to drag my children into the car to go to school ?don’t know.

Do I love GOD, or do I love the way he picks me up off the dirty ground, breathes new life into me and holds me up until I can stand on my own ?

I love him, for those reasons and more.Right now, I am having a revival of love for him, a renewal of vows.He is everything I want and more than I can hold.

              I am going to read the easter story to the kids this weekend, I hope his love shines through me and leaps off the pages and into their hearts. I am going to tell them that they were MADE FOR MORE than easter baskets. And on sat night, I will fill their baskets with all the good stuff I know they love, cause thats what God does for me. Over and over again.

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